Psychiatric Consultations

Psychiatric Services

Procedure for Referrals to the Nelson Clinic

Dr. Levien and Dr. Brand provide general adult psychiatric consultations on referral from either:

  • Your  GP
  • ACC
  • Insurance Company Assessment
  • Medico-Legal Report Referral

Private referral from a GP

If a client is seeking a private referral from a GP, Dr. Levien and Dr. Brand generally use a secondary consultation model.  This means clients are assessed and a comprehensive management plan is formulated, with the idea that it can be implemented by the client’s GP. Sometimes short term follow up at the Nelson Clinic might be required, but this would not be for more than a few weeks at a time.

This model means that those cases that are more severe are not suitable for referral to the Nelson Clinic. Dr. Levien will assess referrals when received and advise the GP if the referral is not appropriate for follow up at the Nelson Clinic. In those cases, public mental health follow-up is usually advised.

An “Appropriateness of referral form” can be sent to the GP prior to referral to help with the decision as to whether to refer to the Nelson Clinic.

Initial Questionnaire

Prior to the first assessment appointment, we have some screening questionnaires to help us with information gathering. These questionnaires shorten the face to face assessment time and make everything more efficient. Some clients will be encouraged to fill in this questionnaire online, depending on the referral details.

Dr. Levien has the ability to see people via video-conferencing using a video-conferencing application called VSee. 

Contact the Nelson Clinic on 03 548 3536 for more information.